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Fragrances For Migraine Sufferers: Choosing a Perfume That Won’t Give You a Headache

Do you suffer from migraines? If so, then you’re very likely sensitive to strong scents. A lot of perfumes can worsen the condition and lead to a migraine attack. However, it’s not time to say goodbye to the beautiful perfume world! By being careful and following some recommendations you can enjoy fragrances safely and comfortably.

Why and how can perfumes trigger a headache?

Even the most pleasant perfumes and colognes can trigger a headache. The thing is that intense scents may cause your blood vessels to dilate: and this is a direct reason for a migraine attack. First and the most important advice: never apply any fragrance if you feel a migraine coming up. In this situation, the best scent is no scent.

Which fragrances to avoid if you’re prone to migraine?

  1. First, you want to avoid overly intense scents to prevent sensory overstimulation. If you love the particular perfume, but it’s too intense, try using a lighter concentration. For example, instead of using Eau de Parfum, try a lighter Eau de Toilette or Body Myst. Many popular fragrances come in a couple of different concentrations. If the perfumes are too strong for you, you can use scented body lotions, hand creams, or even shower gels. These won’t be so long-lasting, but it’s a safer option!
  2. Often, natural fragrances are more gentle than synthetic, so you may want to avoid chemical-based products. For example, Henry Rose brand offers a variety of beautiful perfumes based on natural and organic ingredients. You should also take a look at Clean Classic perfumes as their fragrances do not contain phthalates. Though it’s not always the case, and we strongly recommend testing any scent before buying.
  3. Find and avoid your triggers. For any individual, migraine can be triggered by certain specific types of scents. Carefully try different perfumes samples and determine which notes are more likely to give you a headache. The frequent triggers in perfumes for migraine sufferers are sharp (clean, soapy), white floral, and some types of musky scents. Though yours could be different, so, again, test anything before you buy it!

Tips on wearing perfume if you suffer from migraine

To ease the impact on your olfactory receptors, follow our tips on wearing perfume if you suffer from migraine:

  1. Make sure you don’t apply fragrance close to your face. It’s better to stop spraying perfume on your neck and behind your ears. Instead, try wearing it on your wrists, ankles, and inside the elbows: here, solid and rollerballs perfumes would be particularly convenient.
  2. You shouldn’t necessarily apply fragrance to your body! Here’s another method: spray perfume on a napkin and put it in your bag. And if you feel that the scent is too much and migraine is soon to begin, just put it away.

Perfumes for migraine sufferers – 7 light fragrances that won’t cause headaches

We’ve selected 7 perfumes for people who are prone to headaches. If you haven’t found a fragrance that would be safe for your receptors, these could be a great place to start! And don’t forget: different people can react differently to the same scent, so be sure to test what you plan to buy.

You by Glossier

If your nose is not too sensitive to musks, then You by Glossier could be a great option: it’s a simple powdery musky scent. It smells clean and sweet, without being cloying or intrusive. This fragrance stays close to the skin and softly enhances your natural beauty. 

Omnia Amethyste by Bvlgari

Omnia Amethyste by Bvlgari is a light and airy fragrance. The powdery iris and green heliotrope are taking the lead, with citruses in the opening and woody notes in the base.

Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone

If you like floral fragrances, try Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone. It’s a light watery floral fruity scent. The opening is fresh and dewy with leading notes of bluebell, jasmine, and melon. Then it settles down to a soft and powdery dry down. Very subtle, refreshing, and not disturbing at all!

Skin by Clean

Extremely delicate, quiet, and inoffensive: it’s a soft and sweet floral musky fragrance. The musk here is the type similar to a natural skin scent. Wearing Skin by Clean almost feels like not wearing any perfume whatsoever, so it’s a perfect fragrance choice for migraine sufferers.

Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun

Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun is a fascinating and indescribable fragrance: it smells different for everyone as it’s really dependent on one’s skin chemistry. For some people, it’s more sweet or musky, and for some, it’s more woody or ambery. Find a sample and see how your natural scent reacts. Pleasant and subtle, this perfume stays close to the skin and doesn’t project heavily, yet lasts for hours! 

Escentric Molecule 01

A unique fragrance that is stated to consist of only one molecule: Iso E Super. It is also, as Not A Perfume, smells different on everyone to the point of not smelling anything. Overall, it usually smells woody, ambery, and musky.

Stella McCartney

Very feminine, very classy, and very light rose perfume. Unfortunately, it has been discounted, so it could be tricky to find.


Try these perfumes out if you have a chance, and share your own favorite headache-safe fragrances! 

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