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Perfumes That Smell Like Beach

No matter what time of the year it is, sometimes we just want, at least mentally, to be transported to a sunny summer beach. Just breathe in and feel like you’re lying in the shade under the palm trees, sipping your favorite tropical cocktail, gazing at sparkling sea waves.

These 10 fragrances will surely remind you of salt, sand and sun:

Beach Walk by Maison Martin Margiela

This perfume smells like the most summery thing ever: sunscreen. Sweet coconut and salt are also here. It’s like you’ve been on the beach all day: sunbathing, swimming in the ocean and drinking Pina Colada.

A bottle of the perfume Beach Walk by Maison Margiela

Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone

Soft, light and fresh: this fragrance smells like an ocean breeze!

A bottle of the perfume Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone

Eau De Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

A solar floral scent: summery warm, yet refreshingly citrusy, with a creamy coconut and vanilla.

Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz by Guerlain

A sophisticated and elegant fragrance: creamy and slightly sweet yet refreshing and clean, with a watery take on coconut and fruits. It basically feels like drinking a cold fizzy soda on a hot day.

Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has A Gun

This perfume is reminiscent of summer without being tropical or sunscreeny: a mix of salty vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin.

Terracotta by Guerlain

Pure tropical summer in a bottle: floral, sunny and creamy, with a bit of coconut. Both mature and chic and fun and and sexy!

Salt Air by Demeter

A very realistic scent of salty air: it smells like an ocean breeze brought by the waves on the shore. Aquatic, fresh and marine. Also, this one will be great for layering fragrances.

Virgin Island Water by Creed

A bright tropical fragrance: think boozy cocktail with coconut and lime. It’s pretty much a vacation captured in a bottle. Best for hot summer days as it’s not so long lasting.

Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder

A very light and casual everyday perfume for warm weather with the most noticeable notes of citrus, tiare flower and creamy coconut.

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